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Nine Highlights of Psychologists' Opposition to Proposed Prescriptive Authority Bills for Psychologists - Click for PDF

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Psych Central remains steadfastly against psychologists gaining prescription privileges. It is a waste of psychologists’ time and efforts, and minimizes their specialized expertise and training in being uniquely qualified in the understanding of human behavior." John M Grohol, Psy.D,Founder & CEO, Psych Central, World of Psychology Blog, "NAMI Illinois Rejects Psychologists Attempts to Gain Prescription Privileges" Apr 06, 2013

"As you probably know, I reject the argument that psychologists need a special law passed in each state to suggest their professional training makes them a unique class of citizens that can undergo a specialized training program for prescribing psychiatric medications. Psychologists have always had multiple routes open to them to gain prescription privileges — get an MD, or become a physician’s assistant or some other health care professional who has limited prescribing privileges.

Psych Central is against this ridiculous attempt of psychologists to expand their scope of practice into areas that they simply were not trained to do. Being experts in human behavior doesn’t mean you’re a good professional to be understanding the complex interactions that psychiatric medications have with dozens of different non-psychiatric medications and hundreds of medical conditions. That’s why we have physicians.

If there are too few psychiatrists, the solution is far simpler and less expensive — create whatever incentive is necessary to encourage more new doctors to specialize in psychiatry. The solution is not for one profession to try and impinge on another profession’s area of expertise and services." John M Grohol, Psy.D, Founder & CEO, Psych Central, World of Psychology Blog Psychologists Still Seek Prescription Privileges: No New News, Mar 21, 2011

NJPA Experience in Louisiana
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Congressman Patrick Kennedy Opposes Psychologist Prescription Privileges

Speaking to the psychiatric physicians of the American Psychiatric Association Assembly Meeting November 9, 2013

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“Only someone with a medical degree and training, like all of you, can make those diagnoses and prescribe the necessary medications for people with a brain-related illness.”

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Latest News

Don’t let psychologists prescribe drugs

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Dr. Consuelo Cagande: Don’t let psychologists prescribe drugs

During the last state legislative session, New Jersey psychologists aggressively lobbied for a bill that would grant them the authority to write prescriptions for any drug in the Physician Desk Reference. Under the proposed legislation, non-physician psychologists with a master’s degree and 400 hours of training would be able to write prescriptions for some of the most powerful psychotropic medications available on the market today.

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N.J. bills allowing psychologists to prescribe medications would harm patients

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As a licensed medical doctor and practicing psychiatrist in New Jersey, I am very concerned that the state Legislature is considering bills A2892 and S1864. This legislation would allow psychologists to prescribe medications; it would, in effect, confer a license to practice medicine without a medical education.

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Only medical doctors should be allowed to prescribe medication

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Newly appointed executive director of NJ Psychiatric Association says proposed legislation will endanger patients

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News on A2892/S1864

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TRENTON — Psychiatrists in New Jersey have launched an online campaign they hope will torpedo “risky” legislation that gives psychologists the authority to write prescriptions.

The New Jersey Psychiatric Association unveiled a new website,, that explains why the state legislature, the governor and the public should oppose the bill that passed the Assembly in June. To view the full article on click here.